MultiBrowser Appliance


The Virtual Appliance uses some self-written software. I published this software under the GNU General Public License, so everyone can download the sources and modify them. I also commented many parts of the source.

The MultiBrowser Appliance Tools

The self-written software of this appliance includes:

Please note that all these tools are customized for working in the MultiBrowser Appliance. For example some pathes to configuration files are hard-coded. But with the sources, you can easily change them.

Download the source of the tools

Compile the sources

To compile the sources of the graphical tool, you need:

This tool was created using KDevelop 3.3.1. I recommend using it if you want to edit the sources.


If you have questions regarding this source code or the appliance, mail me at:

Used components

Portions of the Internet Explorer scripts were derived from WineTools by Frank Hendriksen, Joachim von Thadden and Sven Paschukat and IEs 4 Linux by Sergio Luis Lopes Junior.

Some files of this project are hosted by